OTCH Taygold's Elsa American CD, Bermudian CD
  •                      ​* 1989 - 3rd overall Golden Retriever in                                   Obedience in Canada 
  •                      ​* 1988 - 4th place Sporting Dog in                                           Canada
  •                      ​* 1988 - 8th place All Breeds in                                                 Obedience in Canada
* Winner of the Golden Retriever Club of Canadian Obedience            Dogs Hall of Fame

CH Taygold's Trembling Aspen CD WC
                                  * Aspen was a multi-purpose Golden that                                           went Best of Breed in the show ring to                                             hunting and obtained her Working                                                    Certificate (WC) in the field  
                                  * 2nd place Sporting Group in a show

CH Taygold's Winterwood's Linda Bonita  CDX
* Foundation female for Taygold Kennel
* Golden Retriever Club of Canada
   Outstanding Brood Bitch Hall of Fame award
* Produced five show/obedience champions

Winner's continued
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CH Taygold's Trembling Aspen CD WC
            Puppy Abba in training